Each co-resident and each occupant over 18 must submit a separate application. Spouses may submit a joint application. Please Note: Fields are limited to the amount of space allowed on the actual application form. Abbreviate as needed to fit the space provided.

Note that submitting this form electronically is the beginning of the application process. You will be required to sign a printed Rental Application.

This interactive form provides enough information for the property to which you are applying to get started, but you will be contacted for further information which will be used to complete the entire printed version of the TAA Rental Application. Depending on the policies of the property to which you are applying, you may also be required to forward a non-refundable application fee and/or an application deposit before your application is processed. The property to which you are submitting this application will contact you regarding any requirements. Click the Continue button to begin filling out the TAA Rental Application.

If you need a guarantor, you may download that form here.

Download our rental criteria here.